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North Carolina based German native, Freigeist, lover of folk art and music, collector of all things brass and onion patterned, charcuterie & champagne enthusiast, unschooling mom to a wildling.

I offer the following services:
  • food photography
  • food styling
  • recipe development

How I work

My approach to food photography and food styling is simple; I primarily use natural light for the most unaffected, authentic results. I have accumulated a smorgasbord of unique, artisanally crafted (mostly antique) props and backdrops for a wide variety of moods and styles.
In contrast to the mostly rustic, patinaed props I use to set up photo shoots, my kitchen is professionally equipped including a gas stove, top-of-the-line blender and food processor and many other high-quality kitchen tools that contribute to achieving sophisticated, stunning results.
My most valued accessory is my Canon 5D Mark IV, I have a selection of lenses and several high-speed strobes.

Do you have a creative vision I can help you bring to life? A question about my work? Just want to say hi? For any project, collaboration, partnership and general inquiries, please contact me and I’ll get back to you right away!

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